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Who can sell tickets through


How do I get started selling secrettix?

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What efforts has SEG made to become compliant?

SEG has done 95% of the work and put up 99% of the expense to be the only PCI compliant company in the secondary ticket market.

If SEG is PCI compliant, do I have to prove compliance?

Yes, PCI DSS applies to all merchants who handle credit card information need to certify their respective business regardless of what software application they use to capture and transmit credit card information. While SEG Point-of-Sale users enjoy an extra level of security, they are not exempt from this certification process.

What if I just sell tickets online to my group and following?

No problem! We can customize you a website to sell your tickets.  Once your ticket listing items get posted, they will be broadcast across your vast website network linked to our Online Exchange, exposing them to millions of customers online. Selling tickets through Secrettix:


  • Easy and risk free
  • Free of any listing charges
  • All processed online
  • we do all the work with back office
  • we send customers the tickets with confirmation of email e-ticket,or UPS
  •  built in ticketing account system for record of your sales and money payout
What software solutions do you have for full-time ticket sellers?

Independent tickets sellers can select their preferred inventory uploading tool from our suite Indux software solutions. Secrettix (Secret Partner) flagship product is SEG white label software, which provides ticket sellers with the most efficient business solution in the ticketing industry. gives you:


  • Access to our real-time inventory, allowing you to keep up with the fast-paced ticket industry
  • Secure credit card processing, verification, and authorization with PAYware Connect
  • VeriFone® integration with most merchant banks
  • Shipping and tracking services at a significantly discounted rate
  • Customer information and relationship management
  • Customer service for all your support needs
Have ticket brokers already become affected?

Yes. Brokers using First Data and have already received notification that they will be fined until they prove they are PCI-compliant.

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